Technical advice and frequently asked questions about Septim.

Questions to ask before buying Septim.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose Septim for your operation?

Septim is far from just a cash register. Its greatest contribution is in the financial, warehouse and human management of the entire operation. That's why it's an operational system, not just a cash register. And it's one of the few on the market! Septim in its most current version 4.1 is the latest and most respected restaurant operations software in the country. Michelin-starred restaurants, top restaurant chains and famous chefs? Most of them use Septim in their restaurants.

What is the cost of the Septim payment and operating system and which solution is best for me?

The price depends on the size of the operation, hardware usage and the number of licenses and modules purchased. Payment systems range from a few hundred crowns for small operations to millions of crowns for connection to the operating unit of large restaurant chains. The crucial question at the beginning of the selection process is what all the system should solve. How many cash registers you have in your restaurant, what management functions you will need and what tools will need to be connected. There are basically two approaches, where you either buy the license and all the equipment as a one-off and then pay a service fee. In the second case, you pay a minimum upfront cost and then rent everything else, such as a car on an operating lease. In short, we can say that Septim.Air with a monthly flat rate is suitable for smaller operations and for larger operations we have Septim.4 tailor-made. If you run a catering business we can offer you Septim.Canteen

If no Septim package solution suits me, do you have another solution for me?

Yes, of course! In some unique cases, it is advisable to tailor the Septim POS and operational system to the restaurant or restaurant chain. We offer this service as well.

How fast is the installation of Septim on my premises?

The installation will take place within a few weeks. It depends on how much traffic you have, how many cash registers we will install, what modules you need. Also, it is different to start a new restaurant and transition on the fly from another system. Our consultant will go over this with you.

How do Septim consultations work?

Before starting to use Septim, we offer consultations to determine the needs of the operation and then prepare the ideal solution for traffic management. Contact our consultants for a no-obligation consultation to find out how Septim can help you.

Technical questions about using the on-site cash register (for staff).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it possible to make a refund in a currency other than the accepted currency?

Yes, it's possible. The procedure is that I first receive the amount in the currency of the payment by entering it in "Paid" and setting up the payment. This will result in an overpayment and for the next payment to be refunded I will just switch in which currency the refund payment will be made.

What are the options for changing the payment method of a closed account in Kasa?

At the checkout, only cash payments can be changed to any money route. You can only change the payment method for single-payment accounts. If an account contains multiple payments (even multiple payments of the same type), it is not possible to change the bill payment.

What should I do if the Kasa application in Septim 4.1 doesn't start?

First I have to check kasa.log, because the cash register in Septim 4.1 "does not wait for the DB server to start" and does not connect cyclically. So if Kasa doesn't find the DB server when it starts, it exits immediately.

How do I set Septim to print a certain number of bills when I pay by money route?

In the money route parameters, you must enter this command: POCETUCTENEK=x, where x is followed by the number of receipts to be printed.

What is the problem if my reservations are not showing up in the graphical reservation editor?

There are probably more than 33 objects to book on 1 screen. Use the '+' and '-' buttons located on the bottom right side of the graphical reservation editor. Use these buttons to adjust the zoom to the optimum size at which all objects to be booked will be displayed.

Technical questions on using the manager application (for management).

Warehouse management.

How to introduce initial stock?

Theoretically, there are two possibilities: 1) to create a fictitious delivery note; 2) to create an inventory and enter the actual stock into it. However, setting up an inventory is not a good practice because it will create zero-valued inventory. In practice, the only sensible solution is a fictitious delivery note, which can be based on the physical inventory and the prices should be used according to the accounting values from the previous system.

What data is displayed in the stock card?

The stock card displays all stock operations for a given stock item. The stock card is created by previewing the tables containing stock operations (daily sales, delivery notes, transfers, inventory,...).

At what point is the withdrawal from the warehouse made?

The ingredients of the labelled recipes are removed from the stock at the accounting date by adding up the depreciation of each stock item in turn. The quantity thus written off is then listed in the "Stock Card" in the Manager as a single record - "Daily Output". When there is no inventory on a given day, the daily sales are related to the accounting date and time 23:59:59. If inventory is created on a given day, the quantity is split into a pre-inventory and post-inventory portion. The daily expenditure made before the inventory has the same time as the time of creation of the inventory, the daily expenditure after the inventory has the time 23:59:59.

What do the terms "Septim quantity" and "Actual quantity" mean for inventories?

The Septim quantity is the quantity that Septim expects to have in stock based on its calculations. The "Actual Quantity" or "Physical Quantity" is the quantity found in the warehouse during the inventory.

How does a quantity correction affect a delivery note item that is on the timeline before inventory?

The change will be reflected in the next inventory after the corrected delivery note. The quantity will change according to Septimus. The change will also be reflected in the stock card, which shows the history of operations with the stock item and therefore the surplus and discard inventory. The physical quantity in inventory and therefore the actual stock will not change.

Reporting and financial management.

Where are foreign exchange rates set?

In the Manager in "Options -> Money -> Currencies", the exchange rates of the selected currency are set in the lower view. The exchange rate is set for a specific exchange rate model, the time validity of which can be defined in "Options -> Money -> Exchange Rate Ticket".

What should I do if I want a newly established money route not to be recorded in the cash registers?

When setting up a new money route, just uncheck the "Record cash balance" option. This is no longer possible for existing routes. It is used e.g. for a money route like "Unreturned amounts", where the cash boxes accumulate a negative balance and then the cash box cannot be closed.

How do I find out the amount of discounts given in turnover?

There are two options:
1) In the menu "Finance -> Turnover" I select the view "Group items by discount amount".
2) In menu "Finance -> Turnover" I check "Show base price".

In the Manager, in "Detailed Sales", I get different amounts when limiting to "Cashier" and "Cash Register", even though only this single "Cash Register" is assigned to "Cash Register". What is the reason for the difference?

It's because of accounts cancelled in Manager. If I cancel an account in Manager and view the detailed sales, then while the account cancellation made in Manager does not show up in sales when restricted by cashier, it does when restricted by cashier. So it is better to use restriction by cash register in such case.

What are the options for changing the payment method of a closed account in Kasa?

At the checkout, only cash payments can be changed to any money route. You can only change the payment method for single-payment accounts. If an account contains multiple payments (even multiple payments of the same type), it is not possible to change the bill payment.

Working with prices and promotions.

What are tariffs used for?

With a tariff we can purchase a price category for a certain period. When an account is opened for a customer, the price category purchased by the tariff is assigned to the customer. The customer's price category does not change and will come into effect when the tariff expires.

What price category is set for the account when it is created?

The price category is set according to the customer (according to his price category). If the customer has a valid tariff, the price category according to the tariff is used.

How can I automatically change prices during the day?

Automatic price changes are handled in Septimus through Happy Hours. Happy Hours changes the price category for another one, or sets a specified discount.

What is the difference between a price range and a discount?

The discount is applied to all recipes at the same rate (percentage). The price category allows you to define different amounts of discounts (or mark-ups) within a price category for each recipe by defining a specific price for the price category and recipe.

Is it possible to define different widths of the "Bonus Voucher" print pattern for different devices (printers) in the customer bonus program? If so, how?

No, the print pattern of the voucher is selected using a global parameter and is the same for all devices.

Setting up and working with checkout and accounts.

Where do I set which allergens the customer is allergic to?

This can be set up immediately when creating a customer in the Manager application via a separate tab of the customer edit dialog. Additionally in the menu "Customers -> Customers" in the dependent view "Allergens".

How do I create a new user?

In the Manager application in "Options -> Access rights -> System users" insert a new record. Fill in the user data - necessary are "First name" (e.g. first and last name), "User name" (= login name to the system) and if the user will be logging in with a card, enter or read the card/chip code in the "Identification" field. The newly created user must then be activated (using the "A" button on the top control panel), when activated the user is prompted to set their password. Finally, the user still needs to be inserted in the bottom dependent view into the appropriate permission groups. This gives the user all the permissions defined for these user groups.

Where can I restrict which user rights groups a user can assign other users to in Manager?

In the Manager application, in "Options - Access rights - User groups", select the group of which the user is a member and in the child view "Groups to which users (groups) can be added", select the groups to which you want the user to be able to add other users (or entire groups of users). In order to be able to insert a user into a group, we must also have all the same rights as the group we want to insert the user into.

What does the term "Master Customer" mean?

A master customer to which other (slave) customers can be assigned. When a customer is assigned a master customer, the master customer account can be used to pay the bill. Payment from the master account can be limited to selected recipes only.

How do I set up an account close button that will not print a receipt when the account is closed?

In the checkout screen layout menus, in the close account window, create a new button. Assign the "Close Account" command to this button and set its parameters to not print the receipt.

General enquiries.

Is it possible to run Septim 4.1 applications (e.g. Manager) over the Internet? And will the work in them be fast and smooth enough?

Yes it is possible, but only if the download/upload speed of the internet connection is at least 4/2 Mbps and the latency is at most 15 ms. For more limited internet options, we recommend the customer to find another solution.

What is the price list in Septim 4.1 used for?

The price list is used to define the validity of a price model. For price models, recipe prices are then defined.

What is "Tare" and how is it set?

By weight is meant the weight of the packaging in this case, e.g. the plate or bowl, which is to be subtracted from the total weight during weighing. Weights are set in the Manager in the menu "Options -> Basic parameters -> Weights". You then need to add the component "List of weighing pairs" to the marking screen in the Cash Register account. In case of using the linking of the cash register with the weighing scale according to the Welmec protocol, it is possible to set a preset tare value for a recipe for which the "Protected weighed item" flag is checked.

Must the equality "Total price with VAT = Price without VAT x VAT rate" always apply in turnover?

He doesn't have to. The turnover summarises the price without VAT, the VAT amount and the price with VAT as recorded in the closed account items (all rounded to 2 decimal places). The difference can be in the order of crowns and is due to rounding. 

What could be the cause of my prints going out on multiple printers or losing the first print I send?

It may be that there are several "Checkout" applications running that have the same client application set in their ini file, so they connect as identical devices and then problems with printing arise. The running client applications can be found in "Manager in Options -> Access rights -> List of connected users". Here you can see from which IP address which application is connected. Each checkout application should have two entries here: CASHIER and SERVICE. Connection "CASHIER" is the cash register application, connection "SERVICE" is the actual print server of this cash register. If there were more than these 2 records for one PC Checkout application, it means that somewhere this application is running duplicated. The solution is to disable the duplicate running application. If you are unsure, or if this does not work, please contact the ASW Systems Helpdesk.

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Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

"Septim has helped us get to know our guest even better thanks to its customer programs," says Riccardo Lucque, chef and owner of the La Collezione restaurant chain, which includes Aromi, La Bottega, La Finestra, Laboratorio and Amano.

420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.