Everything for your gastro business.

Are you thinking about buying a system for your business and don't know what to do? We've tried to structure our product range to make your choice as easy as possible.


The Septim POS system is the most respected restaurant operating software in the Czech Republic. Michelin-starred establishments, well-known restaurant chains and the best chefs - most of them use our system in their restaurants.


Canteen software from Septim is a great solution for a factory catering system. The Septim system was one of the first in the Czech Republic to adapt to the demanding requirements of canteens and prepared a unique solution for them.


Septim.Air offers the cheapest and fastest way to start using Septim.It is an online cloud solution where you do not pay a one-time software or hardware fee.


The cash register is a basic module of the Septim system.In the cash desk, the operator performs all the usual steps related to serving the guest. The key is how user-friendly the checkout is and how thoughtfully other parts of Septim are connected to it.


In the management application, the entire management of the Septim system is carried out, including the configuration of the POS part, such as the layout of recipes on the screen, the colour and size of the sales buttons or the setting of operator permissions.

Warehouse management.

In the management part of the Septim system, the entire administration of the operational system is performed, including the configuration of warehouses, stock items, displaying financial reports or setting up the cash register.

Loyalty system (CRM).

The trust and loyalty of loyal customers is one of the key factors that influence the success of a business. The loyalty program we offer alone will not guarantee customer loyalty, but if you have quality products and services, it will serve as an important added value.

Reports and overviews.

Data is crucial for restaurant management. Detailed information on, for example, sales, revenue, stock levels or the profitability of individual products needs to be summarised and evaluated in order to have value.


The settings in the Septim operating system allow you to precisely control the system and thus your restaurant.

Survey for canteens.

Modul Anketa v systému Septim pro závodní restauraci pomáhá zjistit zpětnou vazbu strávníků v jídelně.

Ordering and dispensing for canteens.

The Survey module in the Septim system for a restaurant helps to get feedback from diners in the canteen.

E-shop restaurant.

An e-shop allows you to extend your business' offerings to the internet, where customers can choose and order to your branch or home at their convenience.

Kitchen displays.

The kitchen display system is an integrated solution from our partner. In the Czech Republic, we exclusively offer the kitchen display system from QSR automations.

Protel Hotel system.

For hotels and hotel restaurants, Septim brings a great solution thanks to its connection with the Protel hotel reservation system.

Payment and ordering via QR.

Thanks to a partnership with Qerko, the Septim POS system can offer a groundbreaking feature by allowing customers to pay directly with a QR code. But the app offers so much more and customers love it!

Pagers for restaurants.

Linking the paging system with Septim brings great efficiency gains to the restaurant.

Automatic stacking.

Intergrated solutions from our partner Pecosta perfectly complement our Warehouse Management module.

Order systems.

In some types of factory catering, it is also crucial for employees to conveniently order meals in advance.


Cash registers, printers, mobile cash registers, readers, cash drawers, customer displays, cash scales,... Hardware and software from Septimu talk nicely together!