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We offer consultation in identifying the needs of the operation and then developing the ideal traffic management solution. Call our consultants on +420 257 011 100 or use email to find out how Septim can help you.

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Who is already using Septim in their operation?

Excellent system!
The Septim POS system and the WebCare service helps us to be closer to our customers.
Tomáš Karpíšek Head of Ambiente restaurants
Stability and efficiency
The Septim operating system is an essential part of the FIELD restaurant. Thanks to it, I can be sure that the entire operation runs stably and efficiently.
Radek Kašpárek Michelin-starred chef
It meets my expectations
I offer quality products to my customers and I look for the same from my suppliers. The Septim cash register system and the warehouse management service meet my expectations.
Hana Michopulu Owner of Sisters Bistro and successful author