POS system? Not only that...

Septim is far from just a cash register. Its greatest contribution is in the financial, warehouse and human management of the entire operation. That's why it's an operational system, not just a cash register. And it's one of the few on the market! Septim is the most respected restaurant operations software in the country. Michelin star restaurants, top restaurant chains and famous chefs? They all use Septim in their operations.

Need to keep your restaurant running efficiently?

Septim can monitor the delivery of goods, warehouses, food dispensing and the state of raw materials. It sees the results of your staff by shift and individually, preparing the basis for efficient management of your restaurant.

Need a solution for restaurant chains?

Our comprehensive Septim system also helps manage large sports and entertainment venues, linking systems in all operational areas.

Need a solution for factory catering?

Septim has extensive experience in the operation of canteens, canteens and catering in general. Take advantage of this experience for your operation and do not hesitate to contact us.

Need a payment system solution for a bistro, café or bar?

Do you have a smaller operation in the concept of a bistro, café or bar that does not have great requirements for a robust POS system at first glance? We have a wealth of experience here too.

Need an operational system solution for your hotel?

Proper integration between the hotel restaurant system and the hotel system can be crucial not only for the hotel staff, but also for the hotel guests.


Help with installation

Helpdesk 24/7

Remote and personal service

and inventories


Network management


We are trusted by the best.

Excellent system!
The Septim POS system and the WebCare service helps us to be closer to our customers.
Tomáš Karpíšek Head of Ambiente restaurants
Stability and efficiency
The Septim operating system is an essential part of the FIELD restaurant. Thanks to it, I can be sure that the entire operation runs stably and efficiently.
Radek Kašpárek Michelin-starred chef
What I like most about Septim is that I can define any report I want and get an evaluation immediately. Then I have a complete overview.
Václav Vojíř The owner of Bugsy's bar

Why KOLKOVNA Restaurants chose Septim?

2x Bistro

2x Bistro

10x Restaurant

10x Restaurant

1x Canteen

1x Canteen

Support and service.

In the care of our service department, there are several ways we will assist you in using Septimus for your operation.


Our consultants are experienced operators and restaurateurs who were eventually seduced by the world of software. So you get advice from people experienced in real operations and knowledgeable about Septim. They won't just advise you on how to install Septim, they'll help you realistically improve your restaurant's performance.

Helpdesk remote support.

As our client, you are given a phone number to call. During working hours you use our Helpdesk. If something is really burning outside of business hours, there is a 24/7 Hotline and there is always someone there to address your issue with you.

Personal service.

If we can't find a solution over the phone, we'll get in the car and follow you. We have a total of 25 technicians in Prague, Olomouc and Tábor who carry cash registers, routers, cables and printers in the trunk of their cars and are able to be with you in person within a few hours across the country.