Comprehensive operating and POS system for restaurants.

Septim's comprehensive operating system in its latest version 4.1 is the latest and most respected restaurant software in the Czech Republic. Michelin-starred restaurants, top restaurant chains and famous chefs? Most of them use Septim in their restaurants.

We are trusted by the best.

Excellent system!
The Septim POS system and the WebCare service helps us to be closer to our customers.
Tomáš Karpíšek Head of Ambiente restaurants
Stability and efficiency
The Septim operating system is an essential part of the FIELD restaurant. Thanks to it, I can be sure that the entire operation runs stably and efficiently.
Radek Kašpárek Michelin-starred chef and owner of FIELD

What is the Septim.4 cash and operations system?

Septim is the most respected restaurant POS and operations system in the country. We say this because many top restaurants use it. We are talking about all Ambiente restaurants, Field restaurant, Kolkovny, Sasazu, Zátiší, Pizza Coloseum, Con Gusto, Food Code and many others.

How to choose the right operating system?

Is it a cash register or an operating system?

We realise that Septim is far from just a cash register. Its greatest contribution is in the financial, warehouse and human management of the entire operation. That's why it's an operational system, not just a POS system. And it's one of the few on the market.

More about Septim

Who is the Septim operating system for?

Septim is great for large restaurant chains, but it is also used by many small restaurants, bistros and cafes. Thanks to its modules and adjustable features, small and large businesses alike can take advantage of its advantages.

Septim for restaurants.

Do you have a restaurant? And you don't want to change the POS system? That's why it's good to take Septim. Sooner or later, you may come across places in building your restaurant business that only Septim can solve. See our page on comprehensive restaurant solution for more on these critical places.

Septim for restaurant chains.

Do you have a network of sites that you want to manage and leverage their synergies? Septim is an ideal tool proven by the most respected restaurant chains in the Czech Republic. To learn more about using Septim for a network of outlets, see our comprehensive solution for restaurant networks - more outlets.

Septim for canteens.

Septim for canteens is a completely different story. A foodservice system that wants to compete in a canteen must be able to offer different functions and management of the operating system. Diners need to be able to order and change the food they order, and that's just the beginning of these needs. You can learn why Septim is great for cafeterias by visiting our comprehensive cafeteria and factory catering solution page.

Septim for bistros, cafes and bars.

Do you have a small and simple business that doesn't have high management demands? Make no mistake. You, too, will increasingly shift your thinking from buddy business to managing for profitability. You'll be dealing with stock, costs, profitability and you need a system that can do it. You can learn how you can address a system for cafes, bistros and bars by visiting our comprehensive cafe, bistro and bar solution page.

Septim for hotels.

Do you run a hotel and a hotel restaurant? Septim is bundled with the Protel hotel system in some top hotels and hotel chains. The interconnectedness of these systems, the ease of use for hotel staff and the benefits for hotel guests are all represented in this combination.

Septim for spas and resorts.

Large complexes such as spas and various resorts have specific requirements. By connecting other key systems, the Septim operating system can fundamentally help in the management of spas, ski areas, entertainment resorts and other complex facilities.

Main advantages of the Septim operating system for restaurants.

Why is it essential to get a Septim POS and operations system for your restaurant? Primarily because it manages your operations, your finances, your kitchen and will keep an eye on your restaurant's efficiency and profit.

Scalability and growth

Septim has well thought out functions and modules to manage a small bistro and a restaurant chain. The advantage is that when you are growing or even adding operations to your successful concept, Septim can handle it. So you don't have to go through the painful process of changing your operating system the moment you realize you simply need more.

Really functional warehouse management

Almost every operating system has some kind of storage solution. But only a few of them are usable for 100% inventory control and overview. Septim has well thought out warehouse subdivision, raw material subtraction including waste and depreciation factors and inventory flow.

Financial control and planning

Septim allows you to monitor and plan your food cost. Keep track of your restaurant's turnover and profit. The performance of individual shifts and people, as well as the change in raw material loads.

Easy operation for staff

You can set up the checkout you use primarily in Septimo with our consultant. Priority orders can be highlighted, enlarged and tables and menus can be adapted to your needs.

24/7 support

We are used to guaranteeing the smooth operation of the largest restaurants in the Czech Republic and, for example, the entire gastro section of the O2 Arena. Therefore, we have technicians ready for remote support and physical exit.

Smart settings

Even more important than the advanced features of the entire system is the smart setup. All of our consultants are people with a wealth of experience in the gastro industry and can put themselves in your shoes. Depending on your restaurant concept, how the kitchen works and how the setup is organized, they will help you set up your cash register and Septima manager in the best possible way.

Septim system functions.

We build on 30 years of experience in Czech and Slovak restaurants. With Septim.4 you get control over your entire gastro operation.

Users and rights.

Different users may have different rights in the system. Each can be protected by their own password.


Overview of tables and rooms, product search and grouping, calculator and other functions.


Payments by card, cash, meal voucher and invoice. Support multiple payments on one account, tipping.

Working with accounts.

Edit an existing account, set a price level or discount. Easily move an account/item. Split the account into parts.

Reports and overviews.

You can create and print deadlines or reports directly in the application. You can use the management mechanism used by top Czech companies.

Offline mode.

In the event of an internet outage, the app continues to work. From the operator's point of view, it is completely unrestricted.

Warehouses, inventories and closures.

Thanks to a sophisticated system of stacking, depreciation deduction, daily conclusions and inventories, you can control the complete running of finances in the operation.

Financial and operational data reports.

You can see detailed data reports from your restaurant. Even remotely in the mobile app.

The course of the transition to Septim. How is it going?


In the first phase, our consultant will go over your needs with you. How big is your operation, how many staff, what is your concept of operation? Is there room to use automation or otherwise increase efficiency? What modules will you need and how will you use Septim, what hardware will be appropriate? The consultant will go over all this with you and suggest specifically when and how much we can install.


The Septimu team will make sure that the operating system is replaced, hardware is replaced (where needed) and the system is up and running by the agreed date. This will be preceded by preparing the system on a test server, where you and your consultant will set up everything you need to run smoothly in the restaurant.


Training and customized system setup are important parts of our software. Our Septim operating system works wonders. But it only serves those who use it properly. That's why our consultants are here to help.

Frequently asked questions about Septim.4

Speed of installation

The installation will take place within a few weeks. It depends on how much traffic you have, how many cash registers we will install, what modules you need. Also, it is different to start a new restaurant and transition on the fly from another system. Our consultant will go over this with you.

Training and system start

We want to make sure you know how to use the Septim operating system correctly at start-up. This way, a consultant walks through proper use with the manager and staff and is available after start-up for any training or questions.

Installation and operation price

The price depends on the size of the operation, hardware usage and the number of licenses and modules purchased. In short, we can say that Septim.Air with a monthly flat rate is suitable for smaller operations and Septim.4 is tailor-made for larger operations.

30 years

in business

3 000+

cash registers in operation



420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The POS system and the operational system are two different but interconnected systems that play a key role in the operation of a restaurant.

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