Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

" Septim has helped us get to know our guest even better through its customer programs.

Riccardo Lucque

Riccardo Lucque started working in gastronomy at the age of 16. After a nine-year stint in England, where he worked at the Zafferano restaurant, he moved to London, where he became executive chef of a chain of five Italian restaurants. After spending time in New York, he settled in Prague in 2002. He first worked as a chef at the Square restaurant and three years later opened his first restaurant, Aromi, on Mánesova Street.

La Collezione is one big Italian family. It consists of two older sisters - Aromi and La Finestra in Cucina restaurants, five younger siblings - La Bottega bistro and Laboratorio cooking school. The newest addition is the Amano restaurant. All the restaurants are effectively supported by the Septim restaurant system, which is designed precisely to meet the most demanding conditions of a gastro operation.

Aromi is the 25th best Italian restaurant in the world for 2024. BRAVO! Aromi has become home to authentic Italian cuisine in a fine dining environment. The quality of service has earned the restaurant a number of prestigious international awards. It has been awarded the BIB Gourman Michelin award for nine consecutive years from 2006 to 2014. Guests can choose from a wide variety of fresh freshwater and seafood every day. Only the Septim module Manager can be an important tool for the efficient management of the entire demanding business, which this gastronomic operation undoubtedly is.

LA BOTTEGA - authentic Italian bistros. La Bottega Di Finestra, La Bottega Bistroteka, La Bottega Linka, La Bottega Oaks Deli Bistro and eBottega.cz. Real Italian bistros and shops with the finest delicacies. Bistros offer guests fresh Italian pastries, the freshest fish, seafood and aged meats. At the heart of the establishments is our POS system for cafes, bistros and bars.

La Finestra in Cucina opened its doors to its first guests in 2009. Located just a few hundred metres from the Old Town Square in Prague, it specialises in preparing aged meats sourced from selected farms, organic farms from Italy, Spain and the USA. In 2020, the restaurant received the Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award. Customer trust and loyalty is one of the key factors of any successful restaurant, which is why La Finestra in Cucina relies on Septim's module Loyalty system (CRM).

Laboratorio specializes in cooking classes, wine pairings, Vietnamese specialties, Japanese cuisine and tobacco-alcohol pairings. The selection of lecturers is concentrated on only the greatest experts. Therefore, visitors can only learn from the best, such as Zdenek Pohlreich, Riccardo Lucque or Martin Kortus. However, the number of lecturers exceeds 50. In order to keep everything working properly and on time, Laboratorio Septim uses the Reports and overviews module.

Amano is the latest addition to the La Collezione family. A modern Italian grill restaurant with the Josper grill at its heart. "Amano" translates to love and likewise its name comes from the Italian word "A mano", meaning by hand. The restaurant is based on honesty, quality ingredients, freshness, respect for the ingredients, the people and the products of their work. And because doing something with your heart, and meaning it truly, means not looking at the time. That's why Septim guarantees its customers NON-STOP assistance with operational software and hardware. The Septim Helpdesk and Hotline is there for any eventuality. 24/7!

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