Consultation and training.

The Septim operating system has many possibilities to help your operation. Efficiency in operations, kitchen, warehouse management or restaurant financial management. Make the most of Septim and find out more at consultations and training sessions.

Septim training.

Use the following training to make your operation more efficient. The training is suitable before starting to use the system, but also for existing customers.

We do the training physically and online as webinars and the dates are chosen according to current interest. Email us and we will let you know regarding the next training date. If you are interested, we can tailor-make a training session.

Training: warehouse management

The training is designed to learn the complete issues of warehouse management in the Septim system.


  • User interface and control (search, filters, data exports, print reports)
  • Stock item (main and secondary, groups, waste coefficient)
  • Delivery notes (insertion, automatic import, delivery note items)
  • Warehouse outputs (transfers, sales, cash sales, depreciation)
  • Demolition and substitution
  • Standardization
  • Inventory (filing, shifting inventory)
  • Stock levels in the warehouse (current, minimum and critical)
  • Stock card
  • Stock price (working with stock price, stock price conversions)
  • Warehouse conversions
  • Control activities
  • Barcode issues
  • Durability records
  • Tips for use

This course is designed for warehouse accountants, operations and restaurant managers.

Training: sales configuration

The training is designed to learn the complete operational and sales part of the Septim system.


  • Manager -> Customers (customer records, customer accounts, staff catering, preloaded cards, bonuses, discounts, company accounts)
  • Manager -> Sales (recipes, sub-recipes, sales prices, Happy Hours, sales support)
  • Manager -> Users (user rights definition, user groups)
  • Manager -> Checkout configuration, options in general
  • Types for using Septim -> Selected FAQs
  • Interesting features and their practical use
  • Sharing recipes between multiple establishments

This course is designed for restaurant owners, operators and managers.

Training: sales evaluation

This training is designed to provide a complete understanding of the issues of evaluation and profitability of operations with an emphasis on safety.


  • Closed Accounts
  • Turnover, sales
  • Statistics
  • Raw material intensity
  • Management
  • Control tools
  • User permissions

This course is designed for restaurant owners, operators and managers.

Participants' responses to the training.

Thanks to the warehouse management training, I have more control over the warehouses and the entire system with less effort. It's good to get advice...
Vladislav Suchý ml. Head of Restaurants Restaurant 3. poločas, Prague
Even as a beginner, I took away useful information that was a good basis for further consultation of our operation with ASW's engineers and sales department.
Jana Mikulandová Hugo Bagel Café, Slaný
I perceived the group discussion very positively, from which practical advice emerged. Some of the advice I was able to apply in our operation with the help and care of the ASW consultants.
Barbora Jodasová Restaurant Skleník, Neratovice
I took the Septim training as a beginner and I feel that over time I have been able to turn the information I have acquired into knowledge that helps me in my daily work.
Paulina Rutkowská OliveFood, Karlín
I have been using Septim for many years, yet the warehouse management training has given me a lot of new insights. Thanks to the new information, I am moving much more efficiently in Septim and I am gaining valuable information that I can work with in evaluating, controlling and processing statistics.
Zbyněk Skalický Restaurant Máneska, Prague

Frequently asked questions in training.

What are the training dates?

Dates of training are listed according to interest. As a rule, we train for 5-12 people. If you want to train 5 or more people from your company, we will arrange a date for you. If fewer, we will put you in a class with other interested parties and set a date in due course.

How are trainings and consultations paid for?

As part of the paid service contract, consultations and training are discounted. We will specify the price according to your specific situation.

I am interested in training.

  • Select
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales configuration
  • Sales evaluation

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How do Septim consultations work?

Before you start using Septim, we offer consultations to identify your operational needs and then develop the ideal operational management solution. Contact our consultants for a no-obligation consultation to find out how Septim can help you.

If you are one of our customers, the consultation will help you with setup, more detailed traffic reports and automation enhancements.

Discuss with our consultants how to do it.

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Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

"Septim has helped us get to know our guest even better thanks to its customer programs," says Riccardo Lucque, chef and owner of the La Collezione restaurant chain, which includes Aromi, La Bottega, La Finestra, Laboratorio and Amano.

420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.