About company.

Septim Systems a.s. has developed and operates its own payment and operation system Septim for restaurants.

Septim has built its position as the most respected system for gastro businesses over almost 30 years.

Respected operations that use Septim.

The story of Septim.

The development of the Septim system began in 1994, when its founder Zbyněk Švec started writing the first version of the POS software. Subsequently, the company grew, added new clients and developed new versions of Septim. Today, restaurants are using the fourth version of Septim, we have over 60 people, operate more than 3 000 cash registers and are aiming even higher.


After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group increased its initially minority stake in Septim to a majority of 80%. CEO Lukáš Urban and founder Zbyněk Švec also continue to trust Septim, retaining a 10% stake in the company. Lukáš Urban remains at the helm of the company and Zbyněk Švec will act as an external advisor to the company.

We already operate 3 000+ cash registers and employ more than 60 employees.

2021 - 2022

We are still improving Septim.4. Release 4.1.32 is released at the end of 2022

We already operate 2 500+ checkouts and employ more than 40 employees.

Miton Investment Group has entered into Septim.

2013 - 2020

We already operate 2 000+ cash registers and employ more than 30 employees.

We are constantly improving our system and at the turn of 2017 and 2018 we are introducing Septim.4

We completed the acquisition of Spectu and added new innovative products to our portfolio.

2010 - 2012

We are acquiring other important customers such as GASTRO GROUP, Hooters, Sasazu, La Bottega Finestra Praha, La Finestra Praha, Club Xanadu Jihlava, Cavalli club Praha, Dubina Domažlice, Coa restaurant Praha, BlueOrange Praha, Golf Lipiny Karviná, Café Traverza Praha, Aromi Praha, Bellevue Praha and dozens of other new restaurants.

We are also expanding and moving our Moravian and Slovak branches.

We are growing and changing our headquarters within Prague.

1995 - 2009

Every year we get dozens of new customers. At the end of 2009, the number of Septim POS system users exceeded 850!

We delivered the Septim system to SazkaArena (today's O2 arena). It is the largest POS system in the Czech Republic, 250 POS points in one place.

We become the exclusive distributor of the PROTEL hotel system in the Czech Republic.


Zbyněk Švec, the founder of Septim, started writing the first version of the POS system.

Our vision? We care about every detail.

Our mission is to develop and service the Septim system and thus ensure efficient management of catering businesses. We want restaurant staff to have enough space to do their main job - preparing great food and taking care of guests.

This fulfils our goal - we want to lead businesses to success. We want our guests to love coming back to our restaurants and for their experience to be positive in every way, every time.

In this way, we believe that we will work towards our vision: to raise the overall level and quality of service in the Czech gastronomy. People will not have to worry about not getting good food in a restaurant.

Our values.


We are not just solution providers for our customers. We are partners they can turn to at any time. We always give them the utmost care.


We come up with a product that the customer can really rely on. It is the basis for long-term operation.


We are constantly innovating our product. This is the only way we can offer our customers a perfectly up-to-date solution to their business needs.

Frequently asked questions.

Who owns Septim?

Septim is a product of Septim Systems a.s. It has been developed since 1994.

Does ASW Systems a.s. own the Czech representation of the Protel Hotel system?

Until recently, Septim Systems a.s. also owned a representation of the Protel hotel system in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, for better organization, Septim and Protel were split into separate companies with the same ownership structure. Close and friendly cooperation continues, for example we share offices in the Prague headquarters.

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