Installation of Septim.

If you have decided to use the Septim system, take a look at the installation process.

Install Septim in your restaurant operation.

We see the Septim start-up step as crucial for the restaurant. It's far from just about running the cash register. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to set up an efficient restaurant management:

  • Set up restaurant organization processes
  • Prepare the use of warehouses and raw material management
  • Train the staff
  • Prepare everything for restaurant financial management and data reports

What to prepare before installing Septim.

Before installation, you and our consultant will prepare the "contents" of the Septim system. That is, you will write down the recipes you are cooking in the system. The stocks you have, we will enter into the system. Next, you will create stock cards for the individual ingredients.

With our consultant, we will then select a date for the assisted launch of Septim, when we will make sure everything runs smoothly.

What follows after installation.

After starting Septimus, you enter service management mode. The Helpdesk  is available for troubleshooting Septim settings, as well as the Hotline for troubleshooting any problems with Septim hardware and software.

Frequently asked questions for the installation of the Septim POS and operating system.

Who will guide me through the installation?

Our experienced consultant will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right solution to getting your Septim system up and running.

Is the Septim start-up process time-consuming?

It is essential to correctly describe the needs of your operation and restaurant management. Then discuss a suitable solution. All technical matters will be resolved with you by our consultant, who will organise the rest with our technicians. You don't have to worry about technical or time requirements.

What is the first step to start working with and installing Septim?

Contact us and get in touch with our experienced consultants. We will design a suitable solution for your operation.

Discuss with our consultants how to do it.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Terms and Conditions.

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420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The POS system and the operational system are two different but interconnected systems that play a key role in the operation of a restaurant.