In the management application, the entire system administration is performed, including the configuration of the POS part, such as the layout of the recipes on the screen, the colour and size of the sales buttons or the setting of operator permissions. Sales statistics, summary reports and closed account summaries provide you with additional important and clear data for management control, decision making and operation evaluation.

What is the Management Application in Septim?

The system is modular. This means that you can expand in size and functionality at any time if required. For example, when you open you can focus all your energies on your core business, only as time goes on will you start to develop a customer loyalty program and need to expand. The timing is up to you.

Respected operations that use the Septim Management Application.

How does the Restaurant Management App work?

Over time, as a business grows from a single location to a chain, its demands on the system's functionality grow with it. Describing them succinctly is almost impossible. The solution for a particular chain is based on a detailed analysis of the current business needs, objectives and growth outlook.

We can only glimpse the possibilities of extending the Septim system to help address the emerging needs of a growing business:

Recipe Databank.

Databank is a special variant of the Septim system, which is designed to synchronize the database of recipes, their ingredients and stock items between multiple plants. It allows you to maintain uniformity in the aforementioned records without performing the same work on each of the plants.

Central CRM.

It is a system especially suitable for restaurant or other chains. It allows the use of a common database of guests and their loyalty programs based on the presentation of a customer card at any outlet of your chain. Each customer card transaction is authorised and recorded online via a secure internet connection for later evaluation. Guests can view their account status or benefits using their account on the web.


We have created a dedicated website, called WebCare, which allows the end customer to get a detailed overview of their consumption, account or customer bonuses collected and redeemed. The aim is to provide a better experience for existing end customers.

In the restaurant industry, WebCare is most commonly used by companies that have a large customer database. In eateries that use an ordering system, WebCare provides a very convenient way to order food from home or the office, for example. Of course, WebCare displays clear reports showing consumption. WebCare can be customised by the establishment according to content and graphic requirements.

Import and export.

Septim allows you to import and export recipes together with stock items. This can be a one-time import, but in the case of several branches with the same offer, the idea of creating a central database for recipe management is more likely to be proposed. This maintains a single view for all branches. Of course, it is also possible to lock down the work with recipes and stock items at subordinate branches.

This method of recording eliminates the error of having the same sales or stock item at different sales outlets under a different name and guarantees comparability of reports on raw material intensity.

What are the advantages of the Restaurant Manager module.

The operating system registers the changes made and records the time of the change and the user under which the change was made. It offers maximum traceability and helps to transfer responsibility for the stock taken over to the staff handling it.

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Frequently asked questions about the Manager module.

What is the main benefit of the Management App for restaurant operations?

Septim helps you to precisely define operator access to data and functions, providing high protection against misuse.

What is the first step for using the Management Application in our operation?

Given the wide range of loyalty scheme options, start by making an appointment with our consultants who can advise you on the right configuration for your operation.

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420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The difference between POS and a restaurant operating system

The POS system and the operational system are two different but interconnected systems that play a key role in the operation of a restaurant.