Payment and ordering via QR code.

Thanks to the partnership with Qerko, the Septim POS system can offer a groundbreaking QR code payment function directly by customers. But the app offers so much more and customers love it!

What is QR payment and ordering in Septim?

With the new Qerko app, paying or budgeting bills for your customers becomes fast and convenient. Payment works on the principle of a QR code that is placed on the table and paired with the POS system. The customer sees all the items ordered on their mobile phone and conveniently pays the bill themselves via the app. And you see all successful payments immediately in your Septim cash register.

Respected businesses that use QR code payment and ordering in the Septim system.

How does QR code payment and ordering work in a restaurant?

QR code payment and ordering works similarly to an e-shop and payment gateway. When the customer retrieves the QR code stuck on the table in the restaurant, they can see the items they have ordered. They can select all or some of them, enter a tip and pay. The payment goes directly through Apple/Google Pay and appears in the POS system as paid.

Other features of the integrated Qerko solution

The features described above are just the beginning. Qerko in the Septim POS system will offer your restaurant many more benefits:

  • Feedback, i.e. rating of your restaurant, food and staff.
  • Marketing actions targeted at your customers (displayed directly on their mobile phone)
  • Reservation system where guests book a table for their visit

What are the benefits of paying and ordering via QR code for the restaurant.

There are two indisputable advantages. Customers can settle their bill quickly and don't have to stand in an uncomfortable queue at the checkout, especially at lunchtime.

The second related benefit is saving staff time. He can make new guests happy instead of budgeting the bill and handling payments.

A popular benefit is ordering through this app. If you have "hidden spots" in your restaurant where service is scarce, guests can order from the table on the app. The order appears in the POS system and the waiter can bring it to the guest.

Frequently asked questions for payment and ordering via QR code in conjunction with Septim.

What is the main benefit of paying and ordering by QR code for restaurant operations?

The benefits of paying and ordering by QR code are for the guest and the restaurant staff. Everyone saves time and benefits from the convenience of modern technology.

What is the first step for using QR code payment and ordering in our operation?

The first step for using the QR app in your restaurant is through our consultants. Contact them about linking QR codes to your POS system.

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Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

Riccardo Lucque and his luxury restaurant chain La Collezione rely on Septim

"Septim has helped us get to know our guest even better thanks to its customer programs," says Riccardo Lucque, chef and owner of the La Collezione restaurant chain, which includes Aromi, La Bottega, La Finestra, Laboratorio and Amano.

420 restaurant chooses Septim

420 restaurant chooses Septim

Septim has become a partner of another restaurant of Radek Kašpárek, after the very successful Michelin restaurant FIELD. The Septim operating system is now implemented in 420 restaurant, the most anticipated gastronomic venture of 2023!

Miton increased its stake in Septim

Miton increased its stake in Septim

We would like to inform all our partners about the changes in the ownership structure of the company. After two years of cooperation, the Miton investment group has increased its original minority stake in Septim to a majority one.