Restaurants don't have to deal with IT security. Wrong!

"Hello, Septim help desk? Nothing is working, we are getting unfamiliar windows in English on all computers. What should we do?..." Yes, unfortunately it happens that we have to solve an urgent problem in the restaurant, caused by an unknown hacker attack. The reason? Usually an underestimation of a few basic security rules. Don't underestimate IT security and resolve it immediately. Mistake! File name is not specified.

Why would someone attack my restaurant?

A hacking attack may not be any targeted effort by a group of hooded hackers in East Baghdad. Imagine such an attack as more of an all-out raid, and whoever isn't in cover gets hit. Most attacks are automated and look for insecure doors across the internet. If you're not locked out, you could be without an accountant, a cashier and an operating system in the morning.

The solution? Prevention!

Don't underestimate basic security features. We bring you tips from our IT specialists on the places that can be a threat to your business:


Are all users using secure passwords and logins? Does your staff have knowledge of the basics of IT security?


Do I have hardware secured? (e.g. a router with an up-to-date version of the firewall). Do I restrict access to the corporate network to authenticated devices only? Have we separated the public wifi network and my restaurant's systems?


Are my computers up to date, running the latest version of the operating system and have active antivirus and firewall protection? Do I have regular backups of all my important data? Independent test of IT security knowledge. We recommend taking a few minutes to test your knowledge.

What would it cost me to be without IT systems for a week?

Try to answer this question. If your IT infrastructure is hacked, you could be without the ability to order, sell and record sales. Even without the ability to send email or connect to wifi.