About the company

ASW Systems s.r.o. is a Czech software development company, which has concentrated on the development and installation of various software solutions for gastronomic ventures since 1994. Our key product - the SEPTIM restaurant information system - was developed to provide complex management of the demanding restaurant enterprises.

Our aim

It is our aim to develop and provide a highly functional, modern and at the same time transparent information system, that fulfills the requirements of a real gastronomic enterprise and which our present and future customers will consider as a real advantage over their competitors.

Company philosophy


We never promise our customers what cannot be fulfilled. We uphold our renown and integrity.

Up-to-date technology

We are striving to use the latest technologies in our solutions and to provide these to our customers as well.

Service and support

We realize, that even the best product does not sell without a high-quality service backup. Therefore, fast and realiable customer support is our priority.

Pricing policy

We do not try to gain customers by underbidding, instead, we offer top quality products at reasonable prices.

Value for customers

All our products must present a true economical value for our customers.

Memberships and Partnerships

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