WAITER CALL and EASY CALL communication systems


Solves the traditional issue in many restaurants, where, unfortunately, the food waits for the guest rather than the other way round. The waiters are equipped with pagers, through which they receive messages from the kitchen, that the meal is ready to be picked up and served. This speeds up customer service significantly and therefore allows serving a greater number of customers in your restaurant, and the guests are not disturbed by signal bells or in any such way.

This also saves the waiters' time, as regular and often useless checks in the kitchen are no longer necessary.


Allows restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars to provide their services even at places, where it is not possible or desirable to have staff operating permanently or frequently. One press of the EasyCall button will send a signal to the base station and the customer will inform the waiter that they demand attention. The main advantages of this device are customer satisfaction, fast waiter response and a greater turnover.

EasyCall buttons have interesting designs, they can be attached to walls, tables or reception desks. EasyCall requires very little maintenance. Depending on the frequency of usage, the battery can last for up to two years.



  • easy control
  • immediate transfer of information about prepared meals
  • speeds up customer service significantly
  • fast and easy installation
  • speeds up customer service significantly
  • ensures serviceability of places without staff present permanently
  • fast and easy installation


The customers require fast and efficient cummunication in other areas of the service industry as well. How and where can pagers provide business advantages?

  • Recreational facilities - easier communication with technical staff
  • Congress - the staff does not interrupt meetings, should they be required, the customers can call the staff themselves
  • Industry - faster logistics coordination
  • Health care - calling the patient, who is no longer required to wait for treatment in an overcrowded waiting room OR calling medical staff or an ambulance
  • Retail - the customer can choose how they wish to spend the necessary waiting times

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