RECON tapping system

The RECON tapping system allows connecting all places in your reastaurant, disco, club or bar, where beverages are sold. After performing simple technical modifications and installing the controlling electronics, RECON will ensure on-line connection to the cash register and to the store. Each order and each poured drink will be thus immediately reflected in the money flows and stored amounts. This will not only speed up customer service, but at the same time increase the amount of control over poured drinks and billed prices. Special tapping technology also ensures measuring very precise amounts of all served drinks.

The main products which can be controlled and recorded reliably are the following:

Control systems

The system can be set to several modes according to the individual requirements of the customer. Individual settings can be combined to achieve maximum simplification of service. In principle, we distinguish three modes of operation of the control system:

  • Credit mode is meant for large ventures and solves the situation, when several waiters are billing for drinks at different places in a single restaurant and the barmen are preparing them based on printed orders. The system will not issue a drink without billing for it.
  • Debit mode is suitable for lesser ventures, where the barmen not only prepare the drinks, but also give them to the guests and accept payments. This mode allows entering the number of the table for which the drinks are meant on the tapping device.
  • Combined mode is a combination of both of the previous modes. It is suitable for ventures with a separate bar. It allows taking care of guests at the bar independently (e.g., if the guests wait for their tables) and at the same time issuing drinks for tables served by waiters. The RECON system allows setting its own mode (credit or debit) for individual waiters and barmen including assigning different access rights within the system.
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